How We Designed Glance

Glance designsWe’re almost ready for launch. And we are both excited and terrified to share with you the simple tool we made. After a lot of media coverage, sometimes people forget that we are a team of just 3 young creatives, juggling this project with other life commitments.

We’re excited because Glance on iPhone is a simple and minimalist way to experience a moment more beautifully. And that’s the result a lot of prototyping – (some of which was pretty funny!)

Glance Prototyping

Here we taped two iPhones together and recorded using the camera, vine and Instagram. We quickly discovered how much potential this has.

Our design process worked around iOS’s limitations when it comes to the camera to create what we have today – a simple and minimalist app.

We’ve worked under a lot of constraints, a limited budget and high stress. The internets went crazy on us. Thanks Reddit.

Here is the thinking behind our design decisions:

1) Old School Privacy

Your videos belong to you. Not the Internet. That’s why we’ve decided to upload anything to the cloud. And not host any videos. Not only that, but if you leave the app, everything disappears forever. Unless you deliberately save to your camera roll, everything is wiped.

2) Record Limit is 10s

You can’t enjoy the moment when you are looking at the screen all the time. That’s something we learned from using Google Glass. A 10 second Glance is more beautiful, precious and interesting than a full length movie.

3) Record from 1 Phone

No one is really living the experience if two people are recording each other. And it’s also ugly when a phone shows up in a Glance. Take a video and pass the phone to someone else. You’ll be surprised to see what they capture.

4) Two Video Streams

We could have done three, four or five! We went for two. It gives a more generous view for both videos. And we’ve implemented a really simple “tap to switch” feature to actually move from one stream to the other.

We’re looking for Beta Testers. Are you interested?

The app is ready, and needs just a few tweaks. Tweet us if you are up for it. We’re excited to hear from you.