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2 thoughts on “We’ll Explain Everything

  1. Guys, you are doing it wrong. You have to see this much much bigger.
    Apple and Google will always give you a “hard” time (no pun intended) when the “sex” word is in the name of the app.
    So, here is my idea: don’t limit this to a 1-on-1 situation. Sure you can already imagine the kinky possibilities, but please calm down for a moment. I am thinking of teamwork here. The team leader(s) can instantly switch to see what the team members see, or they can stream to some team members what other team members see. Sports teams, law enforcement, fire fighters, rescue teams, …. I’m sure some special forces already have this. Ever seen the movie “Aliens” (yes, I’m showing my age now)? Then you get the idea. The future is already now.
    Next step, allow your app to be “customized” through some downloadable files: specific instructions, handy subroutines, pre-loaded data. Once your app (in its standard, useful and “clean” form) is on the app sites, then the users can download these customizations from anywhere. Not your fault they get some xxx mods from some shady website and subvert your clean app to something more fun. “If it exists, there is a porn version of it” (Rule 34 of the internet).

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