From “Sex” to Trending on the App Store

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Our website ( is viral. We get hundreds of emails from people asking to try it out. The reason they love it is not simply about sex.

Glance let’s you see two different perspectives, seamlessly. It changes the way you experience something personal. Like sex.

It’s an experiment. We are learning on the fly. And we want to put this in your hands today. That’s why we started with iPhone. But that also means, we need to be smart.

No one wants this in their App Store. Not Google. Not Apple.

Going forward, we need to be strategic, if we want Glance in the app stores of the world.

Join us to see how we go from “Sex with Glance” to trending on the app store. We will be sharing with you our strategy and design work as we go.

Meet the team:

@SataraAchille @SabbaKeynejad @SherifMaktabi


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5 thoughts on “From “Sex” to Trending on the App Store

  1. Your mistake is going with Apple. They control what goes on their system. If and when you work on Android, you can skip Play Store if they won’t cooperate and have people download your app from your website.

    It has always amazed me that back in 1984 Apple ran that famous Super Bowl add that suggested IBM was Big Brother and Apple “The people’s friend.” It is Apple that demands control over everything, while IBM/MS-DOS (and now Android) are open systems that lets the everyday user make their own decisions.

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